Partial Mash Recipe

Kettlehouse Brewing Co.'s Mac Daddy Almost Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Recipe

A rich and malty, brown elixir that spawned Kettlehouse Brewing's best seller Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale

Torch & Twang Recipe

Try Taylor Caron’s recipe for an American-style stout that includes a tiny bit of preboil sour wort similar to Old School Irish stouts.

Bohemian Pilsner Recipe

Try this clean and crisp pilsner with a spicy hops aroma and flavor, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.

Ain’t No Foolin’ Wit Bier Recipe

Here's a light bodied, moderately spiced Belgian wit.

Beer Engine ESB Recipe

This hoppy British session ale has a smooth malt character.

Perfect Pumpkin Ale Recipe

More than a decade ago, Mark Pasquinelli embarked on a quest to brew the perfect pumpkin ale. Here, he shares his finely honed recipe.

SMaSH Citra IPA Recipe

SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hops) beers provide a great opportunity to understand the characteristics of your ingredients.

Sessionable Saison Recipe

Brew this spicy sessionable saison (say that fast 3 times!).

Belgian Saison in the Style of Saison Dupont Recipe

Brew this saison that is modeled on Saison Dupont, the definitive example of this beer style.

High-Gravity Saison with Chinese White Pepper and Bitter Orange Peel Recipe

Here’s a conventionally made saison with the OG kicked up to 1.080 and a good dose of Chinese white pepper and bitter orange peel.