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Wort Preparation, Simplified: In Defense of Extract Brewing

In this excerpt from our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, we discuss brewing with extracts and steeping with specialty grains—and why there is much to be said for embracing them at home.

Dave Carpenter Feb 26, 2023 - 11 min read

Wort Preparation, Simplified: In Defense of Extract Brewing Primary Image

Here were also wheat, barley, and beans, and barleywine in large bowls. Floating on the top of this drink were the barley-grains.
— Xenophon, Anabasis


Wort preparation, the third essential step in making beer, is the central feature that distinguishes beer from other fermented beverages. To make wine, you crush grapes. To make cider, you crush apples. To make mead, you dissolve honey in water. And to make beer, you prepare wort.

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