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Podcast Episode 23: Kathinka's Floris Delée: The Challenges of Maintaining Quality in Craft Brewing

Jamie Bogner’s guest is Floris DeLée, former Technical Director for New Belgium Brewing and former Dogfish Head brewmaster, who has helped some of the biggest names in craft brewing for the last 15 years build their brewhouses.

Podcast Episode 22: The Current State of Lager in the U.S. with Notch Brewing Founder/Brewer Chris Lohring

Chris Lohring of Notch sits down with John Holl to discuss lagers of all kinds, the importance of a comfortable tap room and ways brewers can face competition from each other and from the outside.

Podcast Episode 21: New Belgium's Wood Cellar Director & Blender Lauren Limbach

Jamie is joined by American sour beer pioneer Lauren Limbach of New Belgium Brewing, and they talk about the evolution of New Belgium’s sour beer program, from the earliest days two decades ago to the advances in analytics and technical process today.

Podcast Episode 20: Long-Time Brewer Fred Bueltmann Joins John Holl

Long-time brewer Fred Bueltmann sits down with John Holl to discuss his new project "This Craft Nation," how beer has evolved, and what it's like preparing a beer dinner for 500 people.

Podcast Episode 19: WeldWerks Co-Owner/Head Brewer Neil Fisher Joins Jamie Bogner

Jamie sits down with Neil for a conversation about their approach to brewing New England IPAs, their deep dive into the world of “pastry” and “dessert” beers, their challenges and successes with barrel-aged beers, and their foray into brewing lagers.

Podcast Episode 18: Captain Lawrence Founder Scott Vaccaro Joins John Holl

Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence sits down with John Holl to talk about the difficulties of selling beer, being nimble in a changing market, and the benefits of streamlining his barrel program. Brought to you by the American Homebrewers Association.

Podcast Episode 17: Jolly Pumpkin Founder Ron Jeffries Joins John Holl

Ron Jeffries the founder of Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales sits down with Senior Editor John Holl for a wide ranging discussion on the nature of sour and wild, recipe development, and what brewers and drinkers should be doing to take care of their health.

Podcast Episode 16: Bell's Brewery Founder Larry Bell Joins John Holl

Larry Bell the founder and namesake of Bell's Brewery sits down with senior editor John Holl. They discuss brewery succession plans, baseball, what it means to be independent, and the original Two Hearted Ale.

Podcast Episode 15: Angry Chair Brewing Joins Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner sits down over some beers with the crew from Angry Chair Brewing in Tampa, Florida to talk about their adjunct-forward approach to culinary-inspired beers.

Podcast Episode 14: TRVE Founder Nick Nunns Joins Jamie Bogner

The skulls, candles, and pentagrams behind the taproom bar at TRVE Brewing in Denver tell you that it’s not just your average neighborhood craft brewery.