Justin Kruger

Grilling with Lagers

Fire up the grill and break out the lagers. These three tasty dishes are designed for sharing and are surefire ways of exploring the flavors of beer in food. From the minds and kitchens of Justin Kruger and Justin Wright, the Two Fat Justins.

Cooking with Beer: Farmhouse Flavors

Let’s get rustic: Justin Wright and Justin Kruger, a.k.a. "Two Fat Justins," show how French and Belgian country ales can lighten and brighten savory main dishes, while a splash of cherry lambic adds complex juiciness to a simple berry crumble.

Cooking With Beer: Winter Warmth

On the last days of winter, what could be better than spicy soup, a roast with smoky character, and a winter-warmer-spiked bread?

Cooking with Beer: Embrace Fall Flavors

From making the most of the harvest to a long-simmering pot on the stove, Justin Wright and Justin Kruger, a.k.a. “Two Fat Justins,” have created recipes to make your autumn a little more vibrant.