Libby Murphy

Powder Days: An Exciting New Turn in the World of Hops

LupuLN2™ hops powder, a new hops product from Yakima Chief−Hopunion, is transforming several methods in the brewing process.

Breakout Brewer: Transient Artisan Ales

Specializing in modern farmhouse ales, Transient Artisan Ales’ Founder and Brewmaster Chris Betts uses simple recipes and barrel fermentation to create beers that are works of art.

6 Out of the Ordinary Breweries You Won’t Want to Miss

Why stick to the ordinary? We’ve compiled a list of out-of-the-ordinary breweries to put on your bucket list.

Mom’s Special Stash Recipe

You’ll want to hoard this darker-than-dark oatmeal stout with a bit of sweet, a bit of roast, and a bit of cinnamon and gooey molasses all for yourself.

Almond Joy Magic Stout Recipe

This is a sweeter milk stout recipe that CBB staffer Libby Murphy has had fun experimenting with. Despite its name, there aren’t actual almonds in the recipe, but the flavor magically works itself into the mix.

My Brew System: Libby Murphy, Editorial Assistant, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®

Everybody's brew system is different. Our editorial assistant, Libby Murphy, shares hers!

St. Paddy’s Day: The Homebrewer’s Edition

While your friends are out drinking St. Paddy’s Day beers, why not spend a day at home brewing for the occasion? We’ve compiled highlights on how to brew your best Irish red ale and dry Irish stout and have pulled together some recipes to get you started!

Five Craft Brewers and their Favorite Imperial Stouts

Despite the fact that we put no style restrictions on the five brewers we asked, every one came back with an imperial stout. Read on to see what these brewers are drinking when they’re not drinking the beer they make.

A Beer Box of Chocolates

Instead of buying your run-of-the-mill box of chocolates this year, buy beers that are inspired by the chocolates instead. We have a six-pack of chocolate candy−flavored beers to get you started!

Convert Macro-Beer Drinkers into Craft-Beer Fans for the Big Game This Weekend

But how, you might ask, will you possibly convert these folks to craft beer? Behold—four strategic moves for intervention.