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Beercation: Drinking Beer in the Big Apple

A destination on every traveler’s bucket list, Manhattan is often overlooked as a top destination for beer. But ask Manhattan bar owners, and they’ll tell a different story.

Beercation: Finding Great Beer in New Orleans

New Orleans will always be a party town, but until recently, the party has ignored most beer beyond pale lagers. Today, as people turn toward more flavorful alternatives throughout the rest of the country, New Orleans is taking its sweet time to catch up.

Beercation: Yakima, Washington

Yakima, Washington might have a historical reputation as a sleepy agricultural town, but the rapid growth of craft beer has shown a new light on the valley that produces more than a quarter of the hops used in brewing around the world.

Finding the Best Beer in Queens, New York

While Brooklyn may be the borough best known around the world, not many places in the country can rival the rich culinary intricacies of Queens, New York.

Beercation: The Triangle, North Carolina

This region of North Carolina is a worthy, if not requisite, addition to your beercation bucket list.

Beercation: Burlington, Vermont

Beer and travel writer Heather Vandenengel spent a few days in Chittenden County, Vermont, to learn what the new craft-beer scene is brewing . . .

Beercation: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Whether you’re drinking beer to make the long, cold winter bearable, or enjoying a pint on a patio on a warm summer day, these are the spots that have helped this Michigan city earn the name “Beer City USA.”

Beercation: Atlanta, Georgia

Despite laws on the books that make it tough to get into and stay in the craft-beer business, a new generation of dedicated brewers is destroying old stereotypes and redefining Atlanta from beer backwater to craft trendsetter.

6 Out of the Ordinary Breweries You Won’t Want to Miss

Why stick to the ordinary? We’ve compiled a list of out-of-the-ordinary breweries to put on your bucket list.

Beercation: Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn’s burgeoning beer scene has grown by leaps and bounds over the past four years and shows no sign of stopping.