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Beercation: Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has everything you’d want in a perfect craft-beer town—clean water, endless outdoor activities, and a cool counter-cultural vibe.

4 Tips for Beercations on a Budget

Whether it’s that destination farmhouse brewery in the middle of the country, a burgeoning beer city across the globe, or a brand new brewery in your own state, you know you want to go.

Beercation: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Beer Done with Intensity (and a Wry Sense of Fun)

Beercation: Portland, Oregon

Portland’s beer culture offers something for everyone—from some of the best barrel-aged sour beers in the country to an expansive chain of locally owned craft brewpubs and bars, and craft-beer pioneers in their fourth decade of brewing.

Beercation: San Diego

San Diego’s all-encompassing craft-beer culture continues to support and incubate a growing number of younger breweries.

Beercation: Chicago

The beer culture in Chicago is reflective of the city itself: compelling, unabashed, and progressive.

Beercation Boosts the Economic Impact of Craft Beer in a Big Way

Beer tourism used to be what we beer geeks just called vacation, but in the past decade “beercation” has become a lucrative trend with a catchy name.

Hopping Around Hood River

Just an hour outside of Portland, Oregon, where the Columbia River and the Hood River meet, is the small, but brewery-dense town of Hood River.

Beercation, Revisited: Portland, Oregon

According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, the city has fifty-three breweries and counting—more breweries than any other city in the world.