105 of the Best Spiced Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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New Planet Belgian Ale (64)

“An ale created with a distinctly Belgian character. Bright, crisp, and refreshing with subtle spice and honey notes. Pairs beautifully with a range of foods. Sterling hops.”

Uinta Brewing Company Punk'n (74)

“Brewed with fresh pumpkin and seasonal spices. The flavor is malt and hops accented with roasted pumpkin and spices of the season plus a hint of vanilla and honey.”

Tommyknocker Brewery Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale (74)

“A hearty brown ale brewed with a hint of spice and a touch of molasses. The malty backbone is rounded out by an addition of real pumpkin to the mash and brew kettle.”

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Pumpkin Ale (74)

“Brewed with pureed pumpkins added to the mash and pumpkin-pie spices added to the end of the boil. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice dominate the flavor profile, with the hops playing in the background.”

Green's Quest Tripel Ale (75)

“Fairly light body for beer of this strength; spice and herb nose with flavors of candied fruit. Aromatic, long finish.”

Left Hand Brewing Company St. Vrain Tripel (75)

“A Belgian-style golden ale with intricate aromas of fruit and spice.”

Shipyard Brewing Pumpkinhead Ale (77)

“A crisp and refreshing wheat ale with delightful aromatics and subtle spiced flavor.”

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. California Line Vanilla Blonde Ale (79)

“A crisp, refreshing blonde ale perfect for our California climate. An addition of vanilla beans to the finished beer gives this relatively sweet ale a mild vanilla aroma and flavor reminiscent of cream soda.”

Upslope Brewing Company Pumpkin Ale (79)

“Adding organic Baby Bear pumpkins to malt and hops makes this truly a local farm-to-brewhouse collaboration. A custom blend of six spices rounds out the flavors in this beer.”

21st Amendment Brewery El Camino (Un)Real (80)

“At 9.5 percent ABV, El Camino (Un)Real has a firm bitterness and malt complexity with licorice, vanilla, and higher alcohol esters. The incorporation of indigenous ingredients includes the addition of dried mission figs, pink peppercorns, fennel, and chia seeds that together add a slight herbal, fruit, and spice notes built to pair with the malt and hops complexity.”

The Bruery Share This: Mole (82)

“Each release in our Share This series spotlights unique ingredients and an important cause. Share This: Mole is a mole-inspired imperial stout collaboration with Chef Anne Conness, featuring ancho chiles, chipotle peppers, cinnamon, vanilla, and cacao nibs. For each bottle we produce, Free Wheelchair Mission receives one dollar.”

Oozlefinch Craft Brewery Sour Not Stirred (82)

“A martini-inspired sour ale brewed with gin botanicals and olive juice.”

Spindrift Spindrift Spiked Pineapple (82)

“A tropical vacation for your taste buds. Made with ripe, juicy Costa Rican pineapples.”

pFriem Family Brewers Cinnamon Maple Stout (83)

Aromas of Snickerdoodle, almond, cinnamon, and nutmeg precede flavors of pecans, baker’s chocolate, date, and churros. Finish of lingering roast, spiced dark chocolate, and cinnamon.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Baby Daddy Session IPA (83)

“Sunny straw in color and loaded with hops. The aroma and flavor yield citrus and tropical notes: grapefruit, melon, lime, passion fruit, and a touch of spice. It has a full balanced body, with a crisp nish and low bitterness.”

New Realm Brewing Co. Tart's Content (85)

“This richly fruited Berliner weisse impresses with its tart, bright citrus and spiced fall flavors.”

Core Brewing & Distilling Co Scarlet Letter Blue (85)

Hand-crafted spiked seltzer flavored with blueberry, white peach, tamarind, and lemon.

The Pike Brewing Company XXXXX Stout (85)

“This gorgeous and full-bodied stout is full of velvety malt texture and hints of chocolate, licorice, and dark roasted coffee. You may notice intriguing hints of spice, which make this stout a perfect pairing for any food that you’d usually serve with red wine.”

Copper Kettle Brewing Company Mexican Chocolate Stout (86)

“A rich black ale with dark roasted malt flavors blended with bittersweet chocolate, our own blend of three Mexican chile peppers, and cinnamon.”

Adelbert's Brewery Hibiscus Saison (86)

“Brewed with hibiscus flowers and dry hopped with Citra, this ale blends a hint of tartness with tropical fruit and citrus notes. We recommend pairing it with fresh fruit salad, lemon tarts, or Hawaiian pulled pork.”

Idle Hands Craft Ales Six Seam (86)

“Subtle spice character from rye complements the increased hopping rates and focus on Mosaic hops.”

Brouwerij Dilewyns Vicaris Tripel (86)

“A creamy white head billows above a honey-gold-colored beer. The nose has notes of malt, vanilla, and spice while a full body and long finish are perfectly balanced by a fine, dry hops bite.”

Ritual Brewing Wit's End (86)

“Hazy, effervescent witbier flavored with orange zest, coriander, and other spices.”

Unsung Brewing Vater Von Pils (86)

“Clean cracker malt and crisp carbonation with slight spice from Saaz hops.”

KC Bier Co. Edelweiss (86)

“Intense aromas of banana and spice. Rich, bready malt body. Hints of caramel.”

Fort George Brewery The Meadow (86)

“Blooms in a flowery bouquet of herbal spice and noble hops.”

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company Mexican Coffee (87)

“Spiced with coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla. Notes of fresh-brewed coffee, spiced cake, iced coffee, and coffee candy. Coffee.”

Stone Brewing Xocoveza Winter Spice (87)

“Our chocolaty, winter-spiced mocha stout is back. This delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate is crafted with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. ¡Claro que sí!”

Ahnapee Brewery Chores Zot (87)

“Funky Belgian yeast ... imparts lemon, pear, pepper spice, earthiness.”

Allusion Brewing One Inning More (87)

“Hints of earthy, floral, and spice with a floral aroma.”

Breakside Brewery Fall Apple Ale (87)

Lightly smoked amber ale with a kiss of mulling spice, blended and re-fermented with freshly pressed apple juice.

Ecliptic Brewing BA Sedna Tiramisu Stout (87)

"Hibernates for 11 months, picking up notes of caramel, spice, and oak complexity."

Stillwater Artisinal Ales Cellar Door (87)

“A base of German wheat and pale malts accented with Sterling and Citra hops that provide a blend of herbal grass and tangerine flavors and aroma. Gently finished off with white sage, lending a mild earthy spice character, and, of course, our house saison yeast.”

Fremont Brewing Interurban IPA (87)

“Interurban offers the adventurous beer lover a warm embrace of roasted pale malt swirled with a hand-selected blend of flavor malts and filled with the rich spice of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops.”

Fat Tire and Friends Fat Sour Apple Ale (87)

“Our Portland heroes at HUB pedaled Fat Tire straight to the apple orchard. This slightly sour homage starts out with a snap of tartness, courtesy of *Lactobacillus* and apple juice, then gets balanced with Fat Tire–inspired malty sweetness and a slight herbal bitterness. Nice ride, HUB!”

Smuttynose Blueberry Short Weisse (87)

“Smuttynose Short Weisse beers are made with a time-consuming two-part fermentation process. Blueberry aging adds not only a striking purple color, but a delicious flavor nuance that’s pure summer.”

Grand Teton Brewing Black Cauldron (88)

"Brewed with plenty of caramel and roasted malts and subtly spiced with ... hops."

Brewery Ommegang Hennepin (88)

"Artfully spiced with coriander, ginger, orange peel, and grains of paradise, its Champagne-like effervescence leads to a crisp, dry finish."

WeldWerks Chai Baltic Porter (88)

“A Baltic porter brewed with black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and anise. This is our first Baltic porter, which we lagered (of course) to provide a crisp, clean base beer for showcasing the complex spice profile.”

Allgash Brewing Company Astrid (88)

“A bright golden color with assertive aromas of spice, bread crust, apple, and fennel seed. Citrus, oak, and anise give way to warm vanilla notes followed by a slightly tart finish.”

Flying Dog Brewery Easy IPA (88)

"Aromas of grapefruit and subtle spice meld into lemon and pine hop notes balanced with crisp cracker malt."

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Merry Monks (88)

“Pilsner malt combined with an abbey yeast strain yields a remarkable and complex flavor packed with notes of spice, banana, and pear. Nicely balanced, with a moderate to dry finish. 9.3 percent ABV.”

Wise Man Brewing Shape Shifter Pumpkin (88)

“Seasonal one-off of our coffee blonde featuring pumpkin spice.

Maplewood Brewing Company Silver Morning (88)

“Notes of dark fruit and hoppy spice, and a finish with hints of toasted bread and toffee.”

Blackberry Farm Brewery Spring Saison (89)

“Large portions of floor-malted wheat give our refreshing Spring Saison its creamy mouthfeel and hazy straw color. Smooth, slightly tart, and delicately hopped, this beer is also spiced with orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise.”

Fremont Brewing Barrel Aged Dark Star Spice Wars (89)

“This year’s release is a blend of 18, 12, and 8-month bourbon barrel–aged KDS Dark Star in 12-year-old Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The roasted and chocolate malts complement the smooth oats to bring you a stout delight wrapped in the gentle embrace of bourbon barrel–aged warmth. A touch of sweetness dances in balance with the hops to finish with a wave, and then she’s gone.”

Area Two Experimental Brewing RUMBBL (89)

“Tart with tropical-fruit notes, hints of oak, vanilla, and sugar cane.”

MadTree Brewing Co. Joon (89)

“Aged in Watershed Bourbon Barrel Gin barrels with juniper berries and ginger, this refreshingly tart beer takes a break from the traditional bourbon barrel beers, lifting it to another level.”

Second Self Beer Thai Wheat (89)

“Fresh lemongrass and ginger give it a refreshing aroma and taste. We keep the beer dry, letting the spices stand out on their own.”

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Dark Abby (89)

“This Belgian beauty has a sultry flavor combination of brown sugar, plum, and spices in a dark burgundy hue. Abby has a deep, rich flavor and a strength that hides behind a light fruity finish.”

Ghostfish Brewing Company Lunar Harvest Pumpkin Ale (89)

"Golden amber in color, light body with subtle creaminess, flavors of pumpkin pie, sweet malt, fall spices, balanced with fruity esters from Belgian Ale yeast and a touch of hop bitterness."

Cellarmaker Brewing Company Entangled Worlds (89)

“Toffee-drizzled brownies, hazelnut fudge, double chocolate chip cookies, Nutella-filled crepes collide with the barrel spice.”

Incendiary Brewing Company Rye Imperial Stout (89)

“Full-bodied rye stout with dark fruit malts and yeast esters giving way to impressions of winter spices.”

NoDa Brewing Co - NE Brizo Spiked Seltzer: Raspberry Lemon (90)

We use pilsner malt, whole fruit, zest, and fresh ingredients in our craft spiked seltzer, so you know exactly where everything in it comes from.

Ahnapee Brewery Pumpkin Ale (90)

“Brewed with roasted pumpkin, pumpkin spices, vanilla beans, malts that mimic a pie crust.”

Urban Artifact Bushel (90)

“A fruit tart brewed with Granny Smith apples and a blend of spices.”

Tiny Haus by 10 Barrel Soul Candy (90)

“Conditioned on Brazilian amburana wood infused with flavors of gingerbread and holiday spices.”

Wormtown Brewery Be Hoppy (90)

“Reddish-gold hazy unfiltered brew. Pungent aroma of citrus, floral spice, and grapefruit. Decidedly bitter palate with a medium light body. Flavors of hoppy grapefruit give way to a dry finish.”

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Rigor Mortis ABT (90)

“Strong brown ale inspired by Belgian Trappist beers. Very little bitterness, this beer has intense malty and sweet flavors, mixed with the taste of chocolate and caramel. It presents complex red fruit and spice flavors.”

4 Hands Passion Fruit Prussia (90)

“The Passion Fruit Prussia is our nontraditional look at the classic Berliner weisse style. Brewed with a generous amount of passionfruit, this beer pours golden in color with a nice tart finish. A perfect complement to the summer heat.”

Grimm Artisanal Ales Prognosticator (90)

“Notes of molasses, toasted bread, warm baking spices, dark caramel, raisin.”

Green Flash Brewing Company Dia De Los Serranos (91)

“This Double Stout reveals notes of roasted malt, coffee, and sweet baker’s chocolate with a caliente kick of fresh Serrano chiles.”

EPIC Brewing Company Big Bad Baptista (91)

“Big Bad Baptista is inspired by traditional Mexican coffee, Café de Olla, which is served with cinnamon and piloncillo, an unrefined sugar. A combination of vanilla, cinnamon, Mexican coffee roasted by Blue Copper, and Solstice Chocolate cacao nibs.”

Jack's Abbey Craft Lagers Vanilla Barrel Aged Framminghammer (91)

“Aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans. The lengthy conditioning period in the barrels creates a silky smooth chocolaty mouth feel enhanced by the use of oats and brown sugar. Noticeable sweetness gets balanced by roasted malt and hops bitterness. Additional flavors include bourbon, vanilla, and oak.”

Two Roads Brewing Co Roadsmary's Baby (91)

“Pumpkin ale aged in rum with spices and vanilla.”

Core Brewing & Distilling Co Scarlet Letter Red (91)

A hand-crafted spiked seltzer flavored with ginger, hibiscus, lime, and cucumber.

Anderson Valley Brewing Winter Solstice (91)

“Boasting a deep amber hue and rich mouthfeel, the creamy nish will lift your spirits. Hints of toffee, spice, and caramel tease the senses making this the perfect ale to share during the cold days and long nights of winter.”

Funkewerks Hibiscus Provincial (91)

“The addition of hibiscus adds a pink hue and an interesting berry-rich flavor, while uniquely floral. A bright lemon citrus flavor from the hibiscus complements the lemon characteristic of our Provincial. Notes of lemon and berries with floral aromas.”

Against the Grain Bo & Luke (91)

Rich and smoky with a bourbon character of caramel, vanilla, spice.

Stone Brewing Co. Xocoveza For The Holidays (92)

“This insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate is crafted with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.”

Avery Brewing White Rascal (2019) (92)

“Unfiltered and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel.”

Area Two Experimental Brewing Twoquila (92)

“Two Roads Persian Lime Gose brewed with agave and aged in tequila barrels.”

Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air (92)

“Our sour ale starts up with bright notes of tropical fruit yet finishes crisp and gently tart.”

Westbound & Down Brewing Company Western Justice + Coffee (92)

“Milk chocolate, toffee, dark-fruit notes blend seamlessly with delicate spice from the barrels.”

Pondaseta Brewing Co. The Beckiest (92)

Classic blonde ale base, brewed with pumpkin and cinnamon, conditioned with local coffee and pumpkin spice.

Revolution Brewing Coup D’etat (92)

“Our interpretation of this classic French-style saison is naturally fermented at a higher temperature, which creates more citrus hops character and a stronger, earthier aroma of spice than most traditional saisons.”

Hi-Wire Brewing Big Top Production Facility Red Rye Lager (92)

“Clean drinker with a pinch of spice and a full body.”

Schlafly Beer/The Saint Louis Brewery, LLC Pale Ale (93)

"This English-inspired classic helped spark the country’s craft beer revolution. The copper-colored, mildly spiced session ale offers a hint of fruitiness a refined balance of hops and malt, giving drinkers a taste of our genuine approach to brewing great beer."

Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas (93)

“An imperial stout brewed with ancho chile peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks. This beer has a complex body with a delicious lingering roastiness.”

WeldWerks Brewing Company Mexican Achromatic (93)

“Brewed with an obscene amount of chocolate malts (more than 150 pounds), oatmeal, and crystal malts to lend a sweet, caramel malt backbone and smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Fermented with a clean, attenuative yeast strain to keep the focus on the malts and adjuncts. The spiciness of the cinnamon sticks is a wonderful contrast with the rich, dark chocolate notes from the cacao nibs, and the vanilla beans top it all off with a creamy, decadent sweetness.”

Upslope Brewing Company - Flatiron Park Spiked Snowmelt Grapefruit & Hops (93)

“Gluten-free. Lightly flavored using only natural ingredients.”

Brasserie St. James Red Headed Stranger (93)

“Our gold medal-winning red farmhouse ale uses a lesser-known Belgian yeast strain at higher temeratures to create a rich palate. A blend of spices and whole-cone hops add a peppery floral nose, and finest specialty malts create a smooth delicate body that finishes dry.”

Oskar Blues Brewery Pinner Throwback IPA (93)

“With tropical fruits, citrus juices, pineapple, and spice berry up front in the aroma and flavor, the biscuit and toasted bread at the back balance out all the hops and make a great finish.”

Port Brewing Company Mongo Double IPA (93)

“Mongo begins with a massive resinous aroma created by the judicious use of Columbus, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. The initial taste reveals notes of orange, mango, and citrus fruits with a piney bitterness and hoppy spice with some mild malt flavors on the finish.”

Uhl’s Brewing Co Deep Dark Depths (93)

['"Unencumbered by spice or flavor additives, this unique barrel aged imperial stout explodes with bourbon character, enveloping an incredibly complex base Imperial Stout with divine layers of chocolate malt flavor. It’s been slumbering for 10', '176 hours, soaking up all that goodness - now it’s time to share."\n']

pFriem Family Brewers Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine (93)

“Spicy and a bit surly, a beautifully big sipper with soft hits of caramel, baking spice, and oak.”

Hailstorm Stop, Collaborate & Listen (94)

“Vanilla rice stout with cinnamon.”

Bend Brewing Barrel Aged Trade War (94)

"Notes of bittersweet baker's chocolate and oak dominate with subtle spice notes and a full body."

Amalgam, Cannonball Creek & HPB Down By Law (94)

“Floral aroma is balanced by subtle notes of lemon and spice. Crisp, dry finish with a pleasant hop bitterness.”

Odell Brewing Company Jolly Russian (95)

“Jolly Russian is a rich Russian imperial stout stowed away in rum barrels for aging. Dark as night and thick as the raging sea, this brew boasts notes of coffee and cocoa with waves of oak, spiced molasses, dried fruit, and vanilla from the planks.”

Schlafly Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout (95)

“Brimming with chocolate and cinnamon flavors. The distinctive characters of Mexican hot chocolate are the base of this decadent stout.”

Goose Island Bourbon County Properietor's '16 (95)

“Each year this release will differ from the previous year. 2016 Variant—with chipotle peppers, cocoa nibs, and aged in bourbon barrels that previously stored maple syrup.”

New Anthem Beer Project Pillar Of Fire (95)

“Pear, baking spice, and pepper.”

Chapman Crafted Pils (95)

"The appearance of this classic Pils is light straw with crystal-clear clarity. Noble hops provide a hint of spice in the aromatics as well as a quick burst of hops flavor on the palate. The soft mouthfeel is followed by a crisp, clean, and refreshing finish."

Jackie O’s Brewery Oro Negro (96)

“Oil of Aphrodite with cinnamon, vanilla, cacao nibs, oak staves, and habaneros doing some serious work in the stainless tank for three months until the brew was ready for packaging.”

Service Brewing Company Rally Point Pilsner (96)

Bohemian-style pilsner with sweet biscuit and floral notes. Czech Saaz hops provide a pleasant note of spice with a clean, crisp finish.

Weldwerks Barrel-Aged Mexican Achromatic (97)

“Brewed with roasted cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans and aged in Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels, Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic is a rich, decadent beer.”

Allagash Brewing Company Allagash White (97)

“Features a refreshing balance of citrus and spice. Coriander and Curaçao orange peel round out the flavor of this hazy Belgian-style wheat beer.”

Lost Abbey Sinner’s Blend (97)

Bourbon barrel–aged with coffee, cacao, and Mexican-inspired spices.

Burial Beer Fall of the Damned (2019) (98)

"Aged in steel with marionberries and blackberries, then bottle conditioned. The final expression is sticky blackberry, jammy raspberry, and pie-spiced Beaujolais."

Allagash Brewing White (98)

“Allagash White features a refreshing balance of citrus and spice. Wheat, coriander, and Curaçao orange peel round out the flavor of this pale straw-colored, hazy beer.”

Green Man Brewery Sunseeker (99)

“An Italian-style keller pils. Made with a custom pilsner malt from Riverbend Malt House and hopped and dry hopped with Czech Saaz. Lagered for five weeks. Noble-hop spice and herbal flavors and aromas dominate with cracker and low biscuit notes supporting. Dry with a pronounced bitterness.”

Moksa Brewing Live, Laugh, Lager (99)

“We visited Indie Hop Farms to select hops and chose a nice lot of Crystal. Earthy notes of citrus and spice meld with the heirloom pilsner malt. The name reminds us of our three daily necessities.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Barrel-Aged Abraxas (100)

“Imperial stout aged twelve months in Rittenhouse Rye barrels with cacao nibs, vanilla beans, ancho chiles, and cinnamon sticks.”