48 of the Best Wheat Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale (84)

“Most Goses don’t focus on the salt, but this beer celebrates it. The acidity is tightly controlled and accents subtle lime notes that exude the confidence and sophistication of a finely made cocktail. It’s a bright and refreshing beer.”

King Harbor Brewing Co Permanent Vacation (85)

“Soft daiquiri note on the nose—coconut and pineapple. More of the same in the flavor, without the expected acidity, but with a touch of peppery phenols for just a bit of bite.”

Mikerphone Brewing Bass Cannon (85)

“Visually, more fruit smoothie than beer—thick, opaque, and merlot in color. The nose is all sweet berries, and the flavor leaves us looking for some sort of beer complexity.”

Creature Comforts Tritonia (86)

“A funky nose of pineapple and citrus evokes fruit cocktail without the cloying sweetness. On the sip, it’s warming and more pineapple fruit cup. More dry than expected, with a quality of pineapple that delivers on the promise. Meaty and substantial, it’s a bigger sip than you might expect from such a low ABV beer.”

Upland Brewing Petal to the Kettle (2019) (86)

“Soft and creamy nose with a touch of dried flower and strawberry smoothie. On the sip, dried hibiscus tea that avoids any connotation of sweet in favor of a layered herbal approach. Thoughtfully constructed.”

Black Shirt Brewing Slant Rhyme (86)

“Where’s the line between Gose and sour IPA? This beer flaunts the deficiencies in definition—it doesn’t capture the fruit juiciness of sour IPAs but delivers far more hops than a typical Gose as the acid and bitterness create a bit of a jumble.”

Blue Moon Mango Wheat (87)

“A clinically synthetic mango nose leaves no question what is in the beer. On the sip, the apparent sweetness fades, and the borderline phenolic mango note clashes with a building bitterness, leading to an unresolved battle in the lingering finish.”

Starr Hill Brewery The Love (87)

“A classic hefe nose with mid-level yeast character that hits the golden mean. Flavor is familiar and comforting, with a lively body. Maybe a touch sweet in a critical estimation, but the character of the flavor won us over.”

Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit (88)

“The intense orange color tells you exactly what this beer intends to be. It’s sweet. It’s not hefe-like in the least. It’s a slightly alcoholic soda with a vaguely hefe base, but it’s better than those adjectives suggest thanks to the quality of fruit flavor.”

Verboten Brewing TOSO (88)

“The sip hits squarely orange with just a touch of sweetness and a pleasant pithy bitterness that keeps it from being cloying. Finishes with lingering orange candy.”

Aslan Brewing Dunkelweizen (88)

“Clean and well-made with some sweetness and coffee flavors mixed with smoked herring and a touch of barbecue. There’s subtle malt complexity, almost like a light rauchbier. Very light overall.”

Odell Brewing Easy Street Wheat (88)

“Soft malt sweetness and a touch of grassy hops in the nose lead into a bright citrusy, high-key, effervescent sip with a carbonic bite that rolls into a touch of earthy bitterness in the finish. Not as malt-heavy as some.”

Lord Hobo Brewing Angelica (88)

“Blurring the lines between IPA and wheat, this ‘New England Wheat’ is heavy with American hops on the nose. It is the hophead’s wheat—onion and garlic hops notes, a bit of juiciness, and not a whole lot of beer in there to support the strong hops notes. But all critiques aside, we’d take this over most session IPAs.”

Fernson Brewing Curio (89)

“A clean nose with a cucumber-like refreshing note. Flavor underscores that cucumber brightness as a light acidity and just a touch of bready malt provide some substance to the sip.”

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat (2018) (89)

“Brief intro of American-style bitterness keeps it cleaner and more direct, adds a sharpness over the sweet orange blossom–honey nose from the malt. Not particularly wheaty or soft, but a middle-of-the-road drinker.”

Cruz Blanca Brewery Smoke Alley (90)

“In the grodziskie vein, the oak-smoked malt produces a tight phenolic aroma less fruity or barbeque smoker than other woods. The hops offer a floral base that hints at some sweetness to soften the malt intensity. The smoke plays down in the flavor, only returning through the retronasal, as an almost spicy, grilled pineapple flavor takes the spotlight. Far too fruity for grodziskie, but an interesting beer that shows smoke’s range.”

Ska Brewing Pink Vapor Stew (91)

“An outrageously magenta color sets up wild expectations. The flavor is equal parts earthy, sweet, and acidic, with a balanced sourness that highlights the fruitier elements without seeming cliché. A subtle spice underpins it, offering structure but no bitterness.”

MadTree Brewing Poets (91)

“An uneventfully soft nose blooms into a brightly bitter, pithy grapefruit/lime/Meyer-lemon note. It’s in your face and unapologetic, hinting at sweet but never cloying, and crisply tart in the finish. At first take, it’s a bit unyielding, but further sips confirm that it’s curiously sophisticated.”

Eddyline Raspberry Wheat (91)

“Satisfying raspberry on the nose with a bright fruit character that seems effortless and natural. On the sip, it’s a well-made raspberry wheat—clean, crisp, assertively fruit- forward. Solidly American in its construction and exactly as advertised. Great clarity in the fruit character.”

Finback Brewery BlueShift (91)

“A touch of fruit and spice in the nose, but the flavor fires big salvos of berries backed by spice depth. It’s not a sweetly one-note beer but rather savory and rich with bright highlights of sweet acidity. Beautiful color.”

Perrin Brewing Dragon Fruit Berliner (92)

“A savory and borderline smoky nose sets up this lower-key kettle sour that trades fruitiness for a richness that could be confused for a brown-ale body. It’s intriguing yet confounding.”

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen (92)

A fruity nose sets up an expectation for a sweet beer, but the light and attenuated body delivers a sip that’s less cloying than one would expect. Still, it’s a touch watery, and if you go looking for the roundness of a wheat beer, you’ll be looking past your next sip.”

Kona Brewing Wailua Wheat (92)

“Nose is balanced between beer character and fruit notes—a touch of sulfur adds a Pilsner- or Kölsch-style note with hints of fruit in the background. On the sip, the fruit is equally balanced and not overwhelming, and the touch of bitterness adds to the drinkability.”

Bouevard Brewing Bou Lou (93)

“Kudos to the brewer for tackling such a flavor-forward beer that sacrifices so much beer history to the altar of audience-pleasing flavor. It’s a confident move that could have backfired. We hate ourselves for wanting more.”

Epic Brewing Intermountain Wheat (93)

“A general wheatiness underpins the nose and flavor, but an embrace of broad drinkability bypasses any distinct approach to character—it’s a wallflower.”

Andechser Weissbier Dunkel (93)

“Light toasty wheat-bread nose with hints of honey and pine forest in the summer sun. On the sip, doughy with bit of sweet caramel and orange peel.”

Wasatch Blueberry Hefeweizen (94)

“Intense blueberry on the nose offers an enticing aroma that draws you in, yet the fruit character falls off in the sip into a slightly bitter and thin body. The aroma is the star of the show, but it’s enticing and draws you into a beer that’s much more drinkable than some of its cloying contemporaries.”

Commonhouse Aleworks Barony Whipper (96)

“Bursting with pie spice, dark cherry, pie crust, and a sweet yet savory and meaty cherry note, it finishes with an almost Dr. Pepper–like plum and fig richness.”

Silver City Neon Bloom (97)

“Strong lemon on the nose overpowers everything. On the sip, the hops push forward with a balanced bitterness over the citrus bite. It flirts with lemon-cleaner disaster but pulls through in the finish with a balance of sweet and sour.”

Breckenridge Brewery Snow Glare (97)

“Hops push a deliciously deceiving citrus nose, but the flavor makes their contribution more apparent with a firm but palatable bitterness that sets this hoppy wheat apart. It’s not a full-on IPA, but what appear to be late-addition and cold-side hops turn this run-of-the-mill wheat into something more interesting to today’s hops fans.”

Live Oak Primus Weizenbock (97)

“Caramel apple, sandalwood, and a touch of musk and clove on the nose. The sip is toffee, bittersweet apple, almond butter, and wormwood baked into the most savory loaf of banana nut bread you’ve ever tasted. Finishes bright with a palate-cleansing sensation that belies its murky brown body. A mind-bending beer that defies any visual expectations ascribed to it.”

Odell Brewing Sippin' Pretty (97)

“It forgoes the expected sour intensity in favor of a measured acidity that’s both palatable and endearing. The deep pink color is fascinating, and any expected excessive fruit acidity is quickly tempered by a smoothie-like softness.”

Allagash Brewing White (98)

“Very subtle tartness and fruit on the nose with some chalky fermentation character that transitions to crisp and crackery on the sip. Peppery notes keep it brisk and bright. The 6-pack abs of witbiers.”

Ecliptic Brewing Cassiopea Catharina (98)

“Softly sweet passion fruit on the nose is subtle but distinctive. The flavor, however, is intensely passion fruit—overwhelmingly so—at the expense of any base-beer character. It does, thankfully, steer clear of the worst phenolic excesses of the fruit, with a seltzer-like spritzy body that finishes clean. Light, tart, crisp, and fruity.”

Creature Comforts Athena (2019) (98)

“Crisp yet mild lemony acidity in the flavor is punctuated by a light nose that only hints at the tartness. It’s clean and succinct, not too sweet and not too dry, like a San Pellegrino Limonata with its own adult kick.”

Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Sour (98)

“Musty, earthy hops and a touch of Colombian coffee on the nose. The flavor leans toward hops-derived citrus, that earthy tea blend of lemon and lime with a subtle spice underpinning it. It’s clever yet satisfying, eschewing more obvious Citra notes in favor of a winding, complex path to a similar destination.”