Joe Stange

Podcast Episode 230: The Bitter Truth About Belgian Beer, with Nino Bacelle of De Ranke

For De Ranke, looking back was looking forward. When the Belgian beer industry was minimizing bitterness, De Ranke embraced it instead, carving out a hop-forward niche that’s been influencing fellow brewers for nearly three decades.

Podcast Episode 229: Au Baron’s Xavier Ballieux Carries on the Family Farmhouse-Brewing Tradition

In France near the Belgian border, family-run Brasserie Au Baron fuses the character of local ingredients, a distinctive house yeast, and the traditions of both saison and bière de garde.

Recipe: Hey, It’s a Passion Fruit Beer

Here’s the idea: Take advantage of a lactic acid–producing yeast and aseptic fruit puree to make the brewing of a tart, tasty fruit beer as simple as possible.

Let Fruit Beer Be Fruit Beer

Long dismissed as gimmicky and relegated to a bit part, fruit beer has never gotten the respect it deserves. Yet the craft of brewing with fruit is poised to enter a golden age, with a bag full of tricks and seeds planted to grow much wider appeal.

Love Handles: Spytighen Duvel

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: This is one of Belgium’s longest-running beer cafés, with a deep selection and plenty of bric-a-brac to admire over an ale and a snack.

Podcast Episode 228: Paula Yunes and Valéry De Breucker of Brasserie Atrium Are Shaking Things Up in the Famenne

This wife-and-husband brewing team in Wallonia blend their Belgian and Brazilian roots with a deep love of tradition and a spark of contemporary creativity.

Recipe: Pitelnost 12° Czech-Style Pale Lager

This recipe is inspired by one of our favorite pale lagers in Czechia: The Benedict Světlý Ležák 12° from Prague’s Břevnov Monastery Brewery.

Podcast Episode 227: Tom Jacobs of Antidoot Is Searching For Simplicity

The philosopher-brewer expounds on not conforming to preconceptions of style, staying small to protect their creative vision, and using a full range of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables to find that signature Antidoot aroma and flavor.

Recipe: BKS-Style Choco-Marzipan Milk Stout

Inspired by Holstein: Chocolate Marzipan from BKS Artisan Ales in Kansas City, Missouri, here’s a recipe that uses marzipan (or almond paste) and cacao nibs for a decadent yet smooth and drinkable milk stout.

Special Ingredient: Marzipan

Ostensibly very European yet quietly very American in composition, this festive wintertime treat has comforting flavors that find compatibility in malt, roast, and chocolate.