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Extract Recipe

Wormtown Brewery’s Double IPA Recipe

Wormtown Brewery (Worcester, Massachusetts) Brewmaster Ben Roesch shared this extract recipe for his double IPA.

Lawson’s Double Sunshine IPA Recipe

This IPA, provided by Sean Lawson, owner of Lawson’s Finest Liquids, is packed with juicy tropical fruit flavors and bright herbal aromas thanks to the abundance of U.S. grown hops.

Old Haggis Recipe

This riff on old ale relies on an extended 3-hour boil for kettle caramelization and color, a technique normally associated with Scottish ales.

Mash Me if You Can Recipe

The late addition of Calypso hops in this wheatwine will offer some citrus and pear while the beer is young.

Old Fussypants Recipe

This classic English barleywine gains most of its character from rich Maris Otter base malt.

Bohemian Pilsner Recipe

Try this clean and crisp pilsner with a spicy hops aroma and flavor, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.

Ain’t No Foolin’ Wit Bier Recipe

Here's a light bodied, moderately spiced Belgian wit.

Recession Lager Recipe

A lager recipe for a dry, light and crisp American lager designed with a recession budget in mind.

Beer Engine ESB Recipe

This hoppy British session ale has a smooth malt character.

Hacker’s Delight Pale Ale Recipe

If you’re ready to put your beer-making kit to the test and see what it can really do, try our kit-scale recipe.