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Rethinking Bitterness In Dry-Hopped (Hazy) Beers

Past research has shown that more extreme dry-hopping regimens can reduce IBUs in beer made with kettle hops bittering, New Belgium Brewing’s Ross Koenigs suggests that dry hopping without kettle additions can add far more IBUs than previously thought.

Podcast Episode 37: Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Sean Lawson: Delivering a Clear and Expressive Hops Experience from Brewhouse to the Consumer

In this episode Sean Lawson talks about their stages of growth, the challenges and opportunities they’ve navigated through, his preferences for hops blending, and much more.

The Return of a New York Beer

In the 1950s Piels was the local lager identifiable thanks to Bert and Harry, two animated pals from radio-and-television campaigns. After being passed around from one large brewery to another, Piels is now back in family hands and looking at a second act

Pick Six with Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewing

For his 6- (ahem 7-) pack, Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewing Company still finds inspiration from the beers that formed his early opinion of craft beer, but he also takes the time to explore new flavors and search for something that could become a new favorite.

Malt Matters in Your Pale Ale

In a proper pale ale, the focus is, correctly, on the hops. However, no matter whether that pale ale is British in origin, or American, or Belgian, or is from the new hazy school, the malt that goes into the recipe matters.

Podcast Episode #36: The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur: The Future, The Past, and Creating Beers

Recently, Arthur laid down a challenge. "Our industry has become reliant on collaborating solely on hazier shades of winter. It feels done and done. Can we please chart a new destination," he asked. In this episode he goes deeper with John Holl.

Beer Books: Travel, History, and Insight

Before you pack a bag in search of new hops-fueled adventures, here are a few new books that that will inspire you to hit the road and order a pint.

Discovering Beer in Bend, Oregon

An abundance of locally brewed craft beer and stunning outdoor recreation make Bend, Oregon, a sublime destination during any season of the year.

Breakout Brewery: New Realm Brewing Co.

Mitch Steele, the long-time brewmaster for Stone Brewing, and one of the most thoughtful brewers in the industry talks about his new venture, New Realm Brewing Co. in Atlanta.

Podcast Episode #35: Maine Beer Co.’s Dan Kleban: Growing in a Smart and Purposeful Way

Maine Beer Co.’s Dan Kleban is an ardent independent with a knack for hops and a company-wide commitment to treading lightly on the planet.