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Maplewood Brewery and Distillery: Telling Stories Through Beer

Chicago’s Maplewood Brewery & Distillery can tell a lot of stories. There’s the tale of being the only brewery/distillery in Illinois. The legal thriller of losing their original name. But the best story of Maplewood is the sagas its telling with beer.

Podcast Episode #33: Toppling Goliath's Mike Saboe: A Perfectionist Vision for Brewing Recipes and Processes

Toppling Goliath Brewmaster Mike Saboe is a perfectionist with an uncompromising vision for how his beers should taste.

A Culturally Important Beer

In every small brewery in the West African nation of Benin, beer is prepared daily and consumed shortly after. It’s called tchoukoutou, is made only by women, and, as correspondent Noland Ryan Deaver discovered, is steeped in tradition, flavor, and pride.

Podcast Episode #32: Rodenbach’s Rudi Ghequire: Tradition, Time, and What’s Wrong With Some of Today’s Sour Beers

Rudi Ghequire, the brewmaster of Rodenbach recently sat down with senior editor John Holl to share his thoughts on the sensation of balance. They also discuss tradition, time, and what's wrong with some of today's sour beers.

Addressing the Question: Are Kids Welcome in Breweries?

As more breweries open and more craft customers have kids, it’s becoming more and more common to encounter little ones in tasting rooms. Good idea? Bad idea?

The Modern Battle of Stout vs. Porter

What's the difference between porter and stout? long, quiet eras in brewing history have washed out the distinctions between the two styles, insofar as they ever were significantly different to begin with. Josh Weikert wades into to dark waters.

Podcast Episode #31: Jester King's Jeffrey Stuffings: Creating a Deeper Sense of Authenticity

Jester King Brewery Founder Jeffrey Stuffings is a vocal force in the brewing industry who has never been afraid to speak his mind.

When Good Beer Goes Bad

There are myriad ways for otherwise great beer to develop unwanted flavors, despite the best efforts of the brewers making it. Why? The answer is simple, yet more complex than you might think.

A Primer on Descriptions when Entering Beer Competitions

Some brewing isn't really about entering competitions and winning awards but submitting your beer for the anonymous evaluation that competitions offer is usually a sound idea. But if you're going to enter, you might as well try to win. Here's some tips.

The Making of Breakfast Stout

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s no wonder Breakfast Stout and its variants from Founders Brewing are so popular. Learn more about the rich, full, sweet stout that Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki says started out as a homebrew recipe.