139 of the Best Barley Wines, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Copper Kettle Brewing Well Bred Barleywine (83)

“Lots of malt, caramel undertones, and hints of vanilla.”

Anchor Brewing Company Old Foghorn (84)

“Old Foghorn is highly hopped, fer- mented with a true ale yeast, carbonat- ed by a natural process called ‘bunging’ to produce champagne-like bubbles, and dry-hopped with additional Cascade hops while it ages in our cellars.”

Triptych Brewing Charlie's Fine Barley Wine (85)

“Lots of British malt plus Simcoe and Cascade hops.”

Epic Brewing Barleywine (85)

“Complex flavors ... raisin, dark bread, and sherry.”

Verboten Brewing Grow Old With You: Grand Reserve (85)

“English-style barleywine aged in a bourbon barrel, then a rye whiskey barrel.”

Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co. Weights & Measures (85)

“Smooth, with notes of caramel, candied fruit, a bit of alcohol warmth, and a sweet finish.”

Rowley Farmhouse Ales Body Isn't Life (85)

“An English-style barleywine brewed with all English malts and hops.”

Tampa Bay Brewing Co Production Brewery Moosekiller (85)

“A full-bodied, high-octane ale balanced out by a 100 IBU hop payload.”

Mikerphone Brewing One Hit Wonders Vol. 1 (86)

“English-style barleywine aged in a single Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel.”

Reuben's Brews Barnacles (86)

“Brewed with pale and wheat malts, Magnum and East Kent Golding hops.”

Pontoon Brewing Company Business Time (86)

“Blend of Madeira-aged barleywine and steel-aged barleywine finished in Madeira barrels.”

AleSmith Brewing Company Old Numbskull (86)

“Caramel and toffee notes abound in this deep copper-colored American Barleywine-style ale alongside toasted malt and a hint of ripe dark fruits. Old Numbskull showcases malt sweetness, intense American hops, and an aggres- sive bitterness.”

The Brew Kettle Jackhammer (86)

“Malt dominates the flavor with just enough hops to keep this malty beast in check.”

Browar Pinta Insights (86)

“English barleywine aged for 26 months in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels.”

Flatland Brewing Company Coconut Caramel Anthropomorphic Metaphor (86)

“Treated with toasted coconut, caramel, vanilla, cacao nibs.”

Fort George Brewery Chordata (86)

This delicate blend of 14-month Barrel Aged Barleywine from Fremont (in Woodford Rye and Willet Whiskey barrels) and Barrel Aged Stout (in Woodford Rye barrels) from Fort George is all about bilateral symmetry. FREMONT BARLEYWINE: Aged in Willet & Woodford Rye Whiskey barrels for 14 months. FORT GEORGE STOUT: Aged in Woodford Rye Whiskey barrels for 14 months.

Live Oak Brewing Co Old Treehugger Barleywine (87)

“Wine-strength ale made entirely with our base barley malt.”

DESTIHL Brewery Bourbon Barrel-Aged Triton Barleywine (87)

“Oak vanillins, deep, dark cherry, chocolate tones enhance the caramel, toffee, treacle aroma and flavor.”

Triptych Brewing Batch 969 Barleywine (87)

“A blend of bourbon barrel–aged and amburana wood–aged barleywine.”

Alvarado Street Brewery Fine Adjustment (87)

“Caramel, coconut, toasted marshmallow skin, Raisinets lend themselves to a classic profile of tobacco, leather, fig.”

Stonecloud Brewing Co. Respect The Drip (87)

“A double-mash barleywine aged in whiskey barrels.”

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company Pocket Full of Shells (2020) (87)

“Aged in Laws Whiskey barrels. Additions of toasted coconut and Madagascar vanilla.”

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. The Tree That Owns Itself (2021) (87)

“[Willett] bourbon barrel–aged English-style barleywine, matured for 23 months.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House Toque (87)

“Tasty little barleywine where we used a ton of oats.”

The Eighth State Brewing Company Launch Mode: Barley Stoutland (87)

Blend of Barleywine and Stout finished with Ugandan Vanilla, Palo Santo, Caramel, and Toasted Coconut. This iteration of one of our past favorites, comes to light anew. No longer stout, but not entirely Barleywine this complex being reemerges as a light bringer. 

Upslope Brewing Company - Flatiron Park Craft Lager (87)

Premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley. 2019 GABF Silver Medal winner.

Central Waters Brewing Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (88)

"A barleywine ale aged for a full year on used bourbon barrels, this beer has avors of dark fruits and wood, winner of the Gold Medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival.”

Weldwerks Brewing Rye Whiskey Barleywine (88)

“Barleywine aged for 15 months in 10-year-old rye whiskey American oak barrels.”

Fonta Flora Brewery Birthdaywine (88)

“Double barrel-aged … 13 months in bourbon barrels and 7 months in blackberry-wine barrels.”

Barebottle Brewing Company Perpetual Magic Green (Bourbon) (88)

“Aged 21 months in Basil Hayden barrels.”

Ecliptic Brewing Orange Giant (88)

“Three malts create a hearty malt profile with robust character. Copious amounts of Chinook and Nugget hops combine for a nice resiny hops flavor. Perfect for aging in your cellar.”

High Branch Brewing Co Augmentation of Life (88)

“Whiskey barrel–aged barleywine.”

Fonta Flora Brewery Periodic Motion (88)

“Barleywine-style ale aged in bourbon barrels.”

Reuben's Brews Three Ryes Men 2021 (88)

“English-style barleywine brewed with 50 percent rye malt.”

Old Thunder Brewing Burned & Broken (89)

“An American barleywine aged in a blend of bourbon barrels.”

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company Barrel Aged Concrete Pillow (89)

“Our first Anniversary barleywine, was born out of the spirit and ethos of this brewery: no boundaries, no limits, punk as f**k. Aged for a year in bourbon barrels, it’s hardly something to take lightly.”

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company Concrete Pillow (89)

“Big, hearty, chewy, and bready, Exhibits notes of toasted bread, chewy caramel, and raisins with a slight hint of alcohol to remind you where this beer could take you. Brewed seasonally with different hops.”

Deep Ellum Brewing Numb Comfort (89)

“We use four of our favorite malts and enough of our favorite resinous piney and fruity hops to balance. We use English ale yeast, and we age a portion in oak whiskey barrels.”

Big Sky Brewing Olde Bluehair (89)

“Imagine a tango, a man and woman dancing, their eyes locked upon one another, then take your rst taste of Olde Bluehair. Like many things in life, Olde Bluehair just gets better with age.”

50 West Remus Revenge 10&2 (89)

“The flavors steer toward red licorice, oak, vanilla, and cherry notes.”

Westbound & Down Brewing Co. Double Barrel Louie (89)

“Aged in port-finished rye whiskey barrels then finished in Breckenridge peach bourbon barrels.”

Kros Strain Brewing Company Barrelywine Vol. 7 (89)

“English-style barleywine comes out after an 18-month nap in bourbon barrels.”

Moksa Brewing Co Final Form: Optimization (89)

“Aged in a tawny Port barrel for 15 months then a VSOP Cognac barrel for 15 months.”

Broken Strings Brewery Have A Cigar (89)

“Cocktail barleywine aged in bourbon barrel with orange zest, maraschino cherries.”

Mikerphone Brewing In Unison Vol. 1 (89)

“Blend of barrel-aged barleywine and imperial stouts.”

Cellarmaker Brewing Company Entangled Worlds (89)

“Toffee-drizzled brownies, hazelnut fudge, double chocolate chip cookies, Nutella-filled crepes collide with the barrel spice.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Fixed Blade (89)

“Laws whiskey barrel–aged barleywine.”

Highland Park Brewery Endless Tomorrows (90)

“Blended from a single barleywine recipe, aged in three different barrels.”

Grimm Artisanal Ales Last of the Steam Powered Trains (90)

“Aged two years in cognac barrels.”

Fonta Flora Brewery At Whipoorwill Farm Birthdaywine [10] (90)

“Aged in syrah and zinfandel barrels.”

Green Bench Brewing Co The Obscure (90)

“English-style barleywine aged in rum barrels.”

Little Brother Brewing King in the Castle (90)

“A cold-weather beer with notes of dry fruit and marmalade.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co. Fixed Blade (90)

“Barleywine aged in Laws Whiskey bourbon barrels.”

Bent Water Brewing Company Built To Last (90)

“Smooth and layered English barleywine … notes of rich caramel, toffee, and licorice.”

Private Press A Silent Pursuit (90)

“Munichwine aged in both bourbon and California grape brandy barrels.”

Woven Water Brewing Company High Note (90)

“English barleywine aged in Buffalo Trace barrels.”

Melvin Brewing Eureka (House of Flying Barrels) Magnus (90)

“Barleywine brewed with maple sugar and aged in bourbon and Cognac barrels.”

Side Project Brewing Continuance Blend #2 (90)

“Threads include single barrel–aged M.J.K. finished on vanilla beans and fresh ground cinnamon.”

Jackie O's Brewery Cellar Cuvee 11 (90)

“A blend of five barleywine-style, barrel-aged beers; all aged in bourbon barrels.”

Flatland Brewing Company Anthropomorphic Metaphor (90)

“Black barleywine aged in Willett and Blanton’s barrels. Blend of stout and barleywine.”

BKS Artisan Ales Recollection (Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged) (90)

“Dark barleywine aged in Willett rye whiskey barrels.”

Dry Dock Brewing Co - North Dock Bligh's Barleywine (91)

“Malty English barleywine aged in bourbon barrels.”

Weldwerks Brewing Double Oaked Barleywine (91)

“Aged for 18 months in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon barrels.”

Protagonist Beer Galileo (Barrel Aged) (91)

“An English-inspired grain bill, heavily hopped with Centennial and Mosaic.”

Perennial Artisan Ales BA Vermilion (91)

“Our English barleywine aged for 18 months in Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey barrels.”

Baere Brewing Company Four Grains in the Brain (91)

“A blended, barleywine-inspired _Brett_ beer aged in Laws Whiskey barrels.”

Incendiary Brewing Company Spiritus Mundi (91)

“Blend of black barleywine and imperial stout, both aged in Weller bourbon barrels.”

Moksa Brewing Co Final Form: Existence (91)

“Aged in a VSOP Cognac barrel for 15 months, then a bourbon barrel for 15 months.”

Phase Three Brewing Arabesque (91)

“Barrel-aged dark English-style barleywine aged in Heaven Hill bourbon casks.”

Silver City Brewery Old Scrooge Christmas Ale (91)

“Intriguing notes of apple, cherry, and apricot abound.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House First Against The Wall (91)

“A 2.5-year-aged barleywine in rye whiskey barrels.”

Revolution Brewing Strawberry Jacket (91)

“A blend of bourbon and rye whiskey barrel English barleywines aged 18 months provides a base for the delicate nuances of fresh strawberry.”

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout (91)

Aged for three months in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels, this luxurious stout has a deep ebony hue and a beautiful mahogany head. The woody, vanilla-like notes that the barrels imparat mingle with aromas of fresh baked bread, toffee, and espresso and envelop the rich chocolate and roasted barley flavors with a fine bourbon character.

Alma Mader Brewing Copper Shrine (2022) (92)

“Aged in Weller barrels for 23 months.”

New Anthem Beer Project The Broken Tree (92)

“English-style barleywine aged in rye barrels.”

Cellarmaker Brewing Company Edge of Time (92)

“Single oak–aged barleywine conditioned for 14 months in Blanton’s bourbon barrels.”

Alibi Ale Works Giant Steps (92)

“A bourbon barrel–aged English-style barleywine.”

Green Bench Brewing Co The Lifted Veil (92)

The Lifted Veil is a blend of Foursquare Rum barrel-aged Imperial Stouts, and Heaven Hill 7-year barrel-aged English-style Barleywines, all aged for nearly 2 years prior to blending. Bold and complex, The Lifted Veil is a treat: warm chocolate and sweet caramel with nuanced vanilla, cocoa, and molasses barrel character.

Moksa Brewing Co Birthday Barleywine (93)

“English barleywine aged in Old Forester Birthday Bourbon barrels.”

Core Brewing & Distilling Co Batch 01 - Barrel Aged Barleywine (93)

American Barleywine aged for 12 months in Maker’s Mark and Four Roses barrels, then blended.

pFriem Family Brewers Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine (93)

“Spicy and a bit surly, a beautifully big sipper with soft hits of caramel, baking spice, and oak.”

Brown Truck Brewery Ghost Series: Barleywine Aged in Port Barrels (93)

“Barleywine aged for two years in Port barrels.”

Reuben's Brews Three Ryes Men: Apple Pie (93)

Brewed with three kinds of rye malt and aged in a blend of apple brandy barrels and cinnamon whisky barrels, this homage to a classic American pie adds notes of baking spice and caramel apple to our award-winning barleywine.

Cellarmaker Brewing Company Unannounced Future (93)

“Aged first in a Weller barrel, then in a Thomas Handy Rye barrel, then in a Pappy Van Winkle barrel.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Blue Ridge (2022) (93)

“An English-style barleywine aged in Maman barrels.”

Fort George Brewery Ology '22 (93)

“An American barleywine aged in bourbon barrels.”

North Park Beer Co. Heaven Hill Barrel-Aged Original Geezer (93)

“Brewed with butterscotch candy. Aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.”

Great Divide Brewing Company Barrel Aged Old Ruffian (93)

“Aged in whiskey barrels for more than 12 months. The process tempers Old Ruffian’s edges for a mellowed version with heady whiskey flavors and subtle oak notes. This rounded wonder clocks in at 85–90 IBUs.”

Side Project Brewing Continuance Blend #1 (93)

“A blend of Derivation, O.W.K., and Vibes recipes with threads of Längst, M.J.K., and Anabasis.”

Phase Three Brewing Blend: 2022 (93)

“A blend of Arabesque and Imperial Porter base aged in bourbon casks, finished in a Cognac cask.

New Image Brewing Co Wood: Quercus Alba (93)

“English barleywine with a specific type of white oak added.”

Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee 2016 (93)

“Each year this excellent coffee stout is made with a different bean variety. With the change in coffee comes a change in the flavor profile, making each release truly unique from the previous year’s.”

Revolution Brewing Straight Jacket (2023) (94)

“Notes of caramel, stone fruit, brown sugar, vanilla.”

Breakside Brewery & Taproom LIFE, Volume 2 (94)

“Classic English barleywine featuring 100 percent Fawcett malts.”

Pure Project Forgotten Brilliance (94)

“Features Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade hops, and Maris Otter and English crystal malts.”

American Solera Stuffed Crust (94)

“English-style barleywine aged 12 months in bourbon barrels.”

Firestone Walker Sucaba 2019 (94)

“Big, boozy bourbon and American oak aromas with soft chocolate malt undertones.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Blue Ridge (94)

“An English-style barleywine aged in bourbon barrels.”

Private Press Life is Round (94)

“Crimson-colored barleywine blended from Old Fitzgerald, Blanton’s, Pappy, Heaven Hill, and brandy barrels.”

The Bruery Thr3e (94)

“We blended Black Tuesday and our Anniversary ale into our barleywine-style ale base.”

Jackie O's Brewery Decorating Pieces of Time (94)

“Aged in bourbon and apple brandy casks for 15 months.”

Black Spruce Brewing Company Reginald Van Horn (94)

“Barleywine aged in 95 percent rye whiskey barrels for 12 months.”

Ozark Beer Company Batch One Thousand (94)

“Aged 17 months in a mix of rye and bourbon barrels.”

Ecliptic Brewing Orange Giant Barleywine: Triple Dry-Hopped Edition (95)

“Dry-hopped three separate times with Columbus, Chinook, and Simcoe, as well as Mosaic and Azacca.”

Fair Weather Friend Mike Mikey Michelle (95)

“English barleywine aged for 12 months in Blanton’s barrels.”

Cerebral Brewing Astral Predator (95)

A blend of Barleywine and Imperial Stout aged 24-28 months in 9 year EH Taylor Bourbon, 10 year Templeton Rye Whiskey and French XO Cognac Barrels, with tasting notes of Raisinets, Dutch Cocoa Powder and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Green Bench Brewing Co The Pursuit (95)

“Aged in rum barrels. Flavors of dark maple syrup, dates, brown sugar, rum cake.”

Peculier Ales Maple Confessions (95)

English Barleywine aged for 18 months in a barrel that previously held whiskey, vanilla imperial stout, and maple syrup.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Bigfoot (95)

“Packed with bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone hops.”

Fort George Brewery Etym (95)

“Barleywine bridging the gap between American barleywine and English barleywine.”

Elevation Beer Company Barrel Rack (95)

“Aged in a blend of Deerhammer rye, single malt, bourbon, and smoked corn whiskey barrels.”

Jack's Abby Eis Maker (95)

“Eis Maker is not produced by freezing, removing the ice, and collecting what remains, but we use the notation to indicate that the beer is very strong. You will find this Eis Bock to be sweet, malty, and boozy with notes of raisin and dark fruit, and similar in profile to a barleywine.”

Fremont Brewing Brew 5000 (96)

“Floor-malted English barley, Noble hops, and aged in 10–15-year-old bourbon barrels.”

Pontoon Brewing Company Ribbon Cutting (96)

“A blend of a stout aged in a tawny port barrel and a steel-aged barleywine.”

Anchorage Brewing Co A Deal with the Devil Triple Oaked Batch #6 (96)

“Aged seven, eight, and eight months in a blend of bourbon barrels.”

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Tree That Owns Itself (96)

“A bourbon barrel–aged barleywine.”

Fort George Brewery Etymology (96)

“Blended barleywine aged 7–19 months in 12- and 14-year-old Elijah Craig Bourbon barrels.”

Flatland Brewing Company Intrinsic Momentum (96)

“Fermented in Old Fitzgerald barrels before heading into Blanton’s barrels.”

Westbound & Down Brewing Company School Night (96)

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout & Barleywine Blend A blend of 14- and 18-month-old imperial stout and barleywine aged in Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, Weller, Austin Nichols and Woodford Reserve barrels. 

DESTIHL Brewery Triton Barleywine (97)

“Our English-American hybrid barleywine has a dark amber color, full body, high residual malty sweetness, and caramel-toffee aroma and flavor. The complexity of alcohols and fruity ester characters are counterbalanced by assertive American citrus hop bitterness and extraordinary alcohol content. English varietal hop aroma and flavor are at high levels.”

Incendiary Brewing Company Long Forgotten Barleywine (97)

“Barleywine aged in Weller bourbon barrels.”

Revolution Brewing Straight Jacket (97)

“Notes of caramel, stone fruit, brown sugar, vanilla.”

Burial Beer Co That Which Hides Behind Our Dread (97)

“A blend of barleywine aged in cognac, Calvados, and bourbon barrels.”

Cerebral Brewing Celestial Origin (2022) (97)

“Barleywine aged in a blend of brandy and rye whiskey barrels.”

Verboten Brewing Double Oaked Amburana Grow Old With You (97)

“English-style barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, then again on amburana wood.”

River North Brewery Double Barrel Aged Father Time (97)

"A style-guideline-breaking barleywine brewed for maximum cellarability. Twice barrel aged. First in Colorado single malt whiskey barrels, finished in Colorado bourbon barrels, sourced directly from the local distilleries."

River North Brewery Father Time (97)

"An English barleywine intended to exceed the upper limits of the style guidelines, yielding a beer that is much more intense than a more traditional barleywine, while also enhancing long-term cellarability."

Peculier Ales Barleywine (98)

“Barleywine aged in rye barrels, then rested on toasted coconut and vanilla.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Scuba 2022 (98)

“Dark chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, coconut, a touch of dark cherry.”

Melvin Brewing Eureka (House of Flying Barrels) Assembled Armor (98)

“A blend of imperial stouts and barleywines aged in bourbon and rye whiskey barrels with toasted black and white sesame seeds, smoked sea salt, maple syrup, cinnamon.”

Bent Water Brewing Company Barleywine Ale (99)

“Toasted chestnuts, honey, toffee, vanilla. Aged in apple-brandy barrels.”

Kros Strain Brewing Company Barrelywine Vol. 9 - Bourbon Barrel aged (99)

“English-style barleywine aged in a blend of bourbon barrels.”

New Image Brewing Co 9505 (99)

“Barrel-aged barleywine finished with amburana wood.”

Shared Brewing Sulla Terra (99)

“A blend of two English barleywine recipes aged in bourbon, whiskey, and maple bourbon barrels. Our first blended barleywine expression.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House Moments Before Impending Doom (99)

“A 2.5-year-old barleywine aged in rum barrels.”

Fort George Brewery Ology (99)

“English-style barleywine aged in 14-year Elijah Craig bourbon barrels for 19 months.”

Kros Strain Brewing Company Barrelywine Vol. 9 - Port Barrel aged (100)

“English-style barleywine aged in port barrels for 18 months.”